Consumer Protection And Class Action

Standing Up for Your Rights Against Corporate Giants

At Saeed & Little, we are dedicated to defending the rights of consumers against the unscrupulous practices of powerful corporations. Our consumer protection practice encompasses a wide range of issues, including:

  • Consumer Collection: We protect you from aggressive and illegal debt collection practices.
  • HIPAA Privacy Breaches: We hold entities accountable for compromising your personal health information.
  • Telephone Harassment: We fight against intrusive and harassing calls that violate your privacy.
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Taking on the Titans: Insurance Companies and Banks

Insurance companies and banks — these modern-day predators — relentlessly focus on digging into your pocketbooks, aiming to take everything they can. At Saeed & Little, we don’t just push back; we fight hard. Our track record includes filing and winning class-action lawsuits against these financial behemoths, securing millions of dollars for our clients.

  • Class-Action Lawsuits: We have a history of taking on large corporations and winning substantial settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients.

Notable Victories

  • Anthem ABA Treatment: We fought tirelessly to compel Anthem to cover ABA treatment for profoundly handicapped children in Indiana, ensuring they receive the care they deserve.
  • Homeowner Rights: We stood up for Hoosier homeowners who were wrongfully foreclosed upon, securing the return of millions of dollars stolen by insurance companies.
  • Insurance Company Accountability: We have successfully recovered millions of dollars for Hoosier homeowners and small business owners taken by unethical insurance practices.
  • Bank Collection Practices: Our firm has battled against unfair collection practices by giants like Bank of America and Chase, safeguarding the rights and finances of countless consumers.

Why Choose Saeed & Little, LLP?

  • Proven Results: Our history of successful litigation speaks volumes about our ability to take on and defeat large corporations.
  • Client-Centered Approach: We prioritize your needs and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcomes for your case.
  • Experienced Advocacy: With a deep understanding of consumer protection laws and a fierce commitment to justice, we are prepared to fight for you.

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If you are facing unfair practices from insurance companies, banks, or any other corporations, contact Saeed & Little today. Let us help you stand up against these giants and reclaim your rights and your peace of mind.

Let Saeed & Little, LLP be your advocate in the face of overwhelming odds.

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