If you are a small- or medium-sized business you should strongly consider retaining a Privacy Lawyer at Saeed & Little to develop a risk mitigation strategy and ensure compliance with existing laws. Your compliance needs are immediate and must be addressed prior to a data breach or regulatory action. Privacy law is a complex area of law and your legal needs may only be satisfied by professionals trained and experienced in this field. The Attorney at Saeed & Little, LLP can offer you the necessary guidance. If you are concerned about affordability, our Attorneys will work closely with you to tailor a monthly retention plan to suit your business and financial needs.

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Where we come in

The attorneys at Saeed & Little can help serve your privacy law related risk mitigation, compliance, and transactional needs. More specifically, our attorneys can help you do the following:

  1. Develop a Privacy Program: Creating a Privacy Program includes: a) developing an information management program, b) a breach response program, and c) a workforce training program that is carefully crafted to suit the needs of your business and consistent with your business processes.
  2. Draft Relevant Contracts: We will assess, create, or modify your legal contracts to ensure that your business is legally covered in its business activities when collecting, using, and disclosing personal information.
  3. Compliance: We will review your current processes and data inventory to assess and ensure compliance with existing laws. Data Privacy and Security requires special attention and legal-compliance measures in the following industries and circumstances:
    1. Data Privacy and Security in Healthcare
    2. Data Privacy and Security in Finance
    3. Data Privacy and Security in Education
    4. Data Privacy and Security in Advertising and Marketing
    5. Privacy Compliance for Employers
    6. Government Surveillance, Subpoenas, Wiretaps and Search Warrants
  4. Litigation: Our attorneys are seasoned litigators and can assist you in your litigation resulting from regulatory and civil actions.

Note: We do not represent clients in any litigation against consumers

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