Athlete Abuse

Jon Little is at the forefront of protecting athletes. His lawsuit against USA Swimming has led to the United States Olympic Committee taking the unprecedented step of adopting new policies aimed at curbing and eliminating the sexual molestation of young athletes. Attorney Jon Little has experience in lawsuits on a diverse range of athletic topics including competition eligibility and competition and training visas (P1, O1, and B1) for entry into the United States.  Furthermore, Jon Little has represented clients in multi-million-dollar actions against National Governing Bodies for harm committed by agents of the NGB against athletes. Little has published and done extensive research on the intersection of gender, sports, and the law in “Running Against the Wind: Sex Discrimination in High School Girls Cross Country.”

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Saeed and Little, LLP is a law firm founded by athletes; we understand how physically and emotionally invested an athlete becomes in their athletic pursuits. Saeed and Little brought the first case against the United States Olympic Committee and their associated entities in 2008, and we were the original source to the Indianapolis Star for the Out of Balance investigation which ultimately exposed the sexual abuse of Larry Nassar and over a hundred other coaches. Saeed and Little has tried Olympic Sport cases to jury, taken cases other cases to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, and resolved more than 20 other Olympic cases by settlement. Don’t fall for law firms that represent dozens of athletes but have no background as high-level athletes or the legal experiences that can only be earned by over a decade of litigation—no other firm has the knowledge of the facts and history regarding USOC sexual abuse.
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