Sexual Abuse

Child molesters are rarely the skeevy-looking perverts we imagine them to be. They are attractive, charismatic, and intelligent. They put themselves in situations to maximize time with kids – they are coaches, teachers, priests – and you trusted them because they seemed trustworthy. You let your son or daughter spend time with them because they enjoyed their sport, their class, or their church. You could never have imagined this would happen to your family. We know the questions and thoughts that are going through your head – we have heard them all and can answer some now: No, it is not your child’s fault. No, it is not your fault.

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Where we come in

For more than ten years, Saeed & Little has been litigating against the Institutions that ignore, protect, or hide those demons who hurt children. We filed the first US Olympic sex abuse case and were the original source of the coach complaint files to the Indy Star, exposing dozens of pedophile coaches in USA Gymnastics, including Larry Nassar.

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