Criminal & Civil Rights Law

Sometimes it is wearing a uniform and badge and carrying a gun, sometimes it is wearing a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase, and sometimes it is altogether invisible. But when your civil rights are violated by a government actor, Saeed & Little is there to fight with you. From unconstitutional laws or practices to police brutality, we are experienced lawyers who know what you are up against.

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Where we come in

When you or your loved one is accused of a crime the Government, whether the State of Indiana or the United States of America will bring tremendous resources to the table with the goal of taking your most basic freedoms. The attorneys of Saeed and Little, LLP have tried over 100 jury trials in the last 10 years for crimes from murder to cockfighting. Simply put we are not afraid to make the Government prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. No matter which law firm you decide to use to protect your rights, please remember to never speak to the police. No matter what the police tell you their job is to convict you of a crime – talking to law enforcement without a lawyer is never a good idea.

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